Business Introduction

We are dedicated to exceeding global customer expectations through creative and effective commercial activities, enhancing value and confidence.

As the sole trading company in the Honda Group, we make full use of the strengths of our global operation and support customers from a total perspective. This includes the procurement of raw materials used largely in the field of vehicles, as well as manufacturing, sales and recycling.
※Not all group companies are dealing with all businesses. Please contact each group company for details.

Raw material supply

We procure and supply raw materials such as light metals, steel, plastics, resin and Platinum Group Metals (PGM). While responding to the transformations taking place in the car manufacturing industry, such as motorization and light weighting, we offer high quality services that go beyond the domains of the trading company to create diverse value, by taking on the business of manufacturing, including steel processing and molten aluminum.

Parts/Equipment, Die and Mold supply

In our Parts Business, we oversee the supply of more than 10,000 different parts to customers. We offer just-in-time(JIT) services using our own warehouses and other systems.
In the Equipment, Die and mold Business, we offer total services to support our customers in diverse ways. This includes procurement and arrangement of installation of equipment, dies and molds at production sites such as car manufacturing plants, and performing post-commissioning maintenance.

Material evaluation technology services

Through initiatives aimed at the evaluation technology services at our affiliate company, JTLep Inc., we will make multifaceted proposals, including measurement, testing, and analysis services, to our customers in the company’s trading business, to support solutions to their problems in the area of research and development.

Other services

Through the wholesale of cars and motorcycles, we are engaged in diverse car-related businesses.
We also contribute to the establishment of a circular economy through the recycling of resources recovered from used vehicles.