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Strength of Honda Trading Group

Global Network
We have operations in 57 bases in 19 countries and regions.
Leveraging the total power of the Honda Trading Group, we enhance relationships with our customers.
High quality services
We offer world-class quality services and products cultivated as a member of the Honda group to being joy to our customers.
Total coordination
We are engaged in various businesses, from the supply of raw materials and equipment to recycling.
We also offer service solutions that go beyond the domain of the trading company, using the manufacturing businesses in the Group.
Taking advantage of these strengths, we respond to our customer’s needs promptly and accurately, and aim to become the company that society wants to exist.

About Honda Trading

Honda trading figures

19countries and regions 
In addition to North and South America, Europe, and Asia, we expanded into the Middle East in 2018.
Leveraging the strengths of our global network, we connect our customers with we offer world class services in the areas of products, services, and information.
1,544 billion yen
The Honda Trading Group has been expanding its network with customers around the world and reached 1 trillion yen of consolidated sales for 5 fiscal years.
United as one, the entire Group will continue to exceed customer expectations around the world.

*FY 2023 Financial Results (Consolidated)