Frequently Asked Questions (Japan)

  • Outline of your recruitment activities?
    We have two categories of recruitment, namely New Graduate Recruitment and Career Recruitment. We aim to build an organization in which new graduates and mid-career hires will be able to take advantage of each other’s strengths.
    We recruit new graduates from a long-term perspective, with the hope that they will grow into the talent that the company needs and become core pillars in the company and carry the company’s philosophy and culture into the future.
    While one of the aims of our Career Recruitment program is that the people hired under this program will be ready to make immediate contributions, but also hope that they will bring along knowledge and culture that we do not possess, and introduce new trends, which will and revitalize the company.
    In terms of our hopes that they will become the people to carry our company into the future, we make no distinction between new-graduate and mid-career recruits.
  • About overseas postings?
    20–30% of Honda Trading employees are posted overseas at some point in their careers.
    In the selection of personnel to send overseas, we take a number of factors into account, such as the duties of the overseas post and the candidate’s aptitude and skills, but what is important is that the employee expresses his or her desire to take up the challenge of working overseas.
  • About your training programs?
    Our new graduate recruits will spend their first year with the company learning the basics, including business manners and work processes. They will also undertake practical training at a factory of Honda Motors Co., Ltd.
    After an initial orientation, our mid-career recruits will, for the most part, learn “on the job” in the department to which they are assigned.
    As well as training for each job grade, we also offer a Self-improvement Assistance Scheme to support our employees in their personal growth. This scheme includes online education programs and financial assistance for language studies.
  • Any particular knowledge or skills when I join the company?
    All employees, whether new graduates or mid-career recruits, once joining the company, will be required to have the skills in accounting for control that are generally required of business people, language skills, and practical trade knowledge as employees of a trading company. These skills and knowledge are the lingua franca of the company.
    Mid-career recruits are expected to be job-ready, so in that respect, it is preferable that they already possess these skills and knowledge to a certain extent. It is no different for our new graduate recruits, but what we value most is their enthusiasm and potential, so greater importance will be placed on the interview.
  • What kind of people do you seek?
    We consider the act of entering full-time employment as your choice of selecting the environment that will help you fulfill your own dreams through work.
    We look forward to receiving applications from people who, having acquired a good understanding of our business, want to take on bold challenges to realize their dreams, using Honda Trading as the platform from which to do so. Putting up your own hand to take on challenges – that is how we approach our work at Honda Trading.