Honda Trading 2030 Global Vision

Be innovators for business partners throughout the world

We formulated the HT 2030 Global Vision as what the Honda Trading Group wants to be in 2030 in order to continue being a company that meets and exceeds customer’s expectations.

The global economy and
technological innovation are
changing at a dizzying speed.
This, indeed, is our chance.

The automobile industry is entering a period of major change, and the tide of change in business models is intensifying. Honda Trading must be flexible to these changes and take far-sighted measures with certainty.
To that end, we aim to value the connections between people and be a company that society wants to exist.

HT 2030 Global Vision

Be innovators for business partners
throughout the world

Vision Statement

We will provide world-class, end-to-end supply chain solutions and services,
by leveraging the power of the HT group to exceed the expectations of our business partners
and enhance relationships with people everywhere we do business.

Honda Trading “now”

It is said that the market size of MaaS,
a new movement concept, will reach
900 trillion yen worldwide by 2050.
In addition to mobility business, the Honda Group is also advancing technological innovation in the areas of energy and robotics in order to deliver new value to customers.
In anticipation of these changes, we will create new business models and advance the evolution of the value chain in existing business by making the most of our strengths in global networks, high-quality services and total coordination.

And, in order to manage stable business over the long-term, we believe we will need to further demonstrate our innovative spirit and foresight.
The HT 2030 Global Vision sets out the three following challenges, or focus areas, and every employee is working on them with personal initiative.

Intelligence  ×  Speed  ×  Implementation

Our Challenges


  • We do not neglect various information gathering on trends and knowledge
  • We provide customers with the highest impact solutions
  • We strive to maximize “value” for customers


  • We take quick and prudent action and do not waste customers’ time
  • We strive to be pioneers and not miss out on new business opportunities


  • We respond to customer requests with optimal proposals considering the trends and business environment
  • We demonstrate leadership and support to customers at all times
  • We do not neglect efforts to continue growth ourselves

By 2030, all Honda Trading
employees will be “Innovators”
with the
strength to take on
the challenge of reform.

Through creative and effective commercial activities,
we will connect our customers
with trust and
create new value that exceeds their expectations.