“Kiyomaru Kun” is a natural inorganic coagulant whose principal ingredient is shirasu
(volcanic ash). It is manufactured by HALVO Holdings Co.,Ltd.
It enables the coagulation of suspended solids in various types of wastewater※1

※1:Includes effluents from water-soluble quenching liquids, mold releasing agent, and water-based paints, heavy metal effluent, various types of elutriation effluent, algae bloom water in lakes and marshes, and sludge from civil engineering works.
  • Coagulation occurs at an amazing speed.
    It is even able to coagulate very fine suspended solids that other coagulants cannot.

  • It can be basically used on discharged effluents of varying pH levels, from weakly acidic to alkaline, without the need for pH adjustment.
    It is also easy to adjust the dosage with no specialist knowledge or skill required.
    (Some waste liquids may require pH adjustment, depending on their pH-value.)

  • The floc generated in the coagulation process is large and has low viscosity,
    making dewatering treatment easy.

  • Because the principal ingredient is a natural mineral, it is able to reduce the burden on the natural environment.
    “Kiyomaru Kun” is not a hazardous material, so is safe to use to clean up lakes and rivers. The effluent after coagulation treatment has also passed various tests, including fish toxicity testing (himedaka - Japanese rice fish).

  • Almighty coagulant that works on a wide variety of effluents.

  • A more powerful coagulant than ST-200, developed specifically for paint effluent, etc.

  • Coagulant used on alkaline effluents.

  • Coagulant that is effective on effluent from water-soluble quenching liquid.

Coagulation treatment of effluent from water-soluble quenching liquid

The effluent from quenching liquid used in cutting processes is difficult to dispose of at the factory, so its treatment is often outsourced to specialist businesses as industrial waste.
Use of the coagulant, “Kiyomaru Kun,” is expected to achieve coagulation treatment of water-soluble quenching liquid effluent and reduce both the volume of industrial waste and the cost of its treatment.

Coagulation of mold releasing agent effluent

In the treatment of effluent from mold releasing agent used in aluminum casting processes, it is possible to coagulate and treat the waste liquid with “Kiyomaru Kun” alone.
Recycling the water left after coagulation and reducing the water content of the left-over coagulated sludge is expected to reduce both the volume of industrial waste and the cost of its treatment.

  • ・The effluent from water-soluble quenching liquid is stored in a tank after use, with an emulsion separating agent (coagulant) added at regular intervals.

    ・Oil-water separation effect is insufficient.
    ・pH regulator needs to be added in downstream process.

  • ・“Kiyomaru Kun” (OIL) is added instead of the emulsion separating agent (coagulant)

    ・Oil-water (solid-liquid) separation is achieved by the oil-containing components coagulation and forming a floc
    ・Because “Kiyomaru Kun” is pH-neutral and fast-acting, treatment is completed with a single product

Comparisons Emulsion separating agent (coagulant) “Kiyomaru Kun (OIL)”
2,000ppm 1,500ppm
Cost of additive purchase
(Effluent: 1,000 m3/month)
Approx. 1,400,000 yen/month Approx. 900,000 yen/month
Time required 10 min. stirring time + 120 min.
standing time = 130 min.
10 min. stirring time + 5 min.
standing time = 15 min.
Treatment capacity Long treatment time and limited treatment capacity Short treatment time and large treatment capacity
Possibility of re-emulsion Effluent re-emulsified if too much is added
→Expertise required to deter mine dosage
→ If re-emulsion occurs, treatment must be started again from scratch
・No re-emulsion over time
・No re-emulsion from over-dosing
Industrial waste disposal Cost Approx. 8,250,000 yen/year Approx. 500,000 yen/year
Approx. 8.25 million / year Approx. Half a million / year
・Entire volume of oil needs to be disposed of as industrial waste (Difficult to achieve complete oil-water separation)
・If re-treating is required, additional treatment costs and labor costs are incurred
・Solidified sludge can be dewatered through a filter press, reducing sludge volume
・Possibility of selling the solidified sludge for a price as solid fuel
・No need for re-treating, so no additional costs incurred

H・O・H is a coagulant for potable water, consisting of the natural inorganic coagulant, “Kiyomaru Kun,” with the addition of a microbicidal function.

  • This product has obtained safety performance certification from the Health Department of Vietnam’s Ha Tinh province.
    With the addition of a microbicidal function, it can kill bacteria such as E. Coli. In addition, because H・O・H is made of natural inorganic material, it is highly safe and will not harm the human body or the environment.

  • Impurities can be coagulated and precipitated in just 60 seconds or so (about 5 times faster than aluminum sulfate*2).
    *2 One of the most commonly used coagulants in Japan, used to purify tap water.

  • No special machines or power are required. As long as you have a container to mix the product with water in, such as a water bottle or bucket,
    you can make potable water anywhere.

  • The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) launched a “Private-Sector Proposal-Based Dissemination and Demonstration Program” and services proposed by the private sector in 2012. Under this program, water purifiers using coagulants were set up in 28 locations in rural Vietnam, where there were serious sanitation problems due to poor quality of drinking water and the pollution of raw water. The equipment was put to use by the local residents on a trial basis.

    To make the water drinkable, it was necessary to kill bacteria such as E. coli, and also to remove arsenic, which dissolves into water even when it is boiled. In testing of drinking water treated with H・O・H, the water passed 109 individual test criteria. Based on these results, new programs are now underway in various ASEAN nations, in areas such as sewerage treatment, factory effluent treatment, and joint water quality research with universities

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